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Never Have I Ever (thought I would) - COVID19 Edition

How's the quarantine going for everyone?  I feel like over the past 2 weeks I have been doing things I would never have imagined.  It give me a great idea, we are going to play the worst game of "Never Have I Ever" that ever existed.

How to Play:

Below is a list of things that I have done over the past couple of weeks that I never imagined I would have to.

Read the list below.  Take a drink, a sip, eat a cookie, whatever you are doing to provide yourself with alittle comfort in this word.

Play along, if you have done some you want to add to the list.  Tweet me @cyndic88 or drop me a line on my Facebook ( and I will add to the list and we can all play along.  I will totally give you credit!

The List

Never have I Ever Thought I would...

Spend a Friday Night Making cloth face masks for my Family

Been Afraid to go to the grocery store

Be unable to buy hand soap

Hang a sign on our garage door reminding my Hubs to take off his shoes and wash his hands

Have a nightly knob wiping routine

I know you all have some really good ones....


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