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Be Nice

Today, I am going to stray alittle bit from the format to take about something that has really been bothering me lately, and kinda came to a head this morning.

This morning Hubs posted a graph on Facebook that showed what states were on the increase and what states are the decrease for COVID-19 cases.  We were on the decrease (whoo!) and then one of his friends posted about how we were all communists.  I asked him why he cared and it let loose on me.  Simple question, doesn't live in our state, shouldn't care.  Brushed it off, then he called me fat, oh no the dreaded F word.  Not only did he call me fat, he told me to eat out a buffet (obviously he has never been to one, because their whole thing is that they keep re-filling it, so duh).  

First off, I have been called fat since I was little, all the way through school (including college).  I have had 'good' friends say things like, "I don't know why that guy is interested in you" - I have heard it all.  You are going to need to get more creative that than, because that Fat word, holds no power over me, anymore, so nice try, buddy. I just summoned my inner MO, and went high when he went low.

The biggest thing that bothers me, is this.  He doesn't know me.  Never met me, doesn't know me from any other fat girl on the block.  Why the need to dip to a personal attack on my appearance. Don't worry, I absolutely now why.  But, not being in the 3rd grade anymore, it always makes me shake my head.  Why can we not all act like adults, mind our business and embrace the fact that someone has a different opinion without personally attacking them?  

But, let's call this what it is.  Bullying.  

Don't have the words to respond, call them a name.

Know you are wrong, but cannot back down, call them.

Think that someone is smarter than you, call them a name, that will show them.

Did this guy expect me to come back with you, yeah you are right I'm fat I'll just shut up?

Nope, not gonna happen big boy.  

I know this is not going to change the world, and this probably more a vent that anything, but if one bully understands that those words hold more power to you than the person you are saying them to, maybe it will cause them to think twice before then type or open their mouth.

Be Nice.  Wear your mask. Wash your hands.





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