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Cherry Tomato and Angel Hair Pasta

 Is anyone else drowning in little tomatoes?

I should have listen to my Mom.  

She said, you gonna get alot, but I was like that's okay I like them.

This picture was just one day, and from my one little plant I have over 150 tomatoes, and more to pick in the coming days.

We have already established how smart my Mom is, she also provided a way to use these in a new dish, and it is so easy.

What you will need:

Olive Oil

Grape or Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Garlic

Italian Seasoning

Angel Hair Pasta

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Shrimp or Chicken (optional)

Parsley (for garnish)

Heat the oil in a medium size pan.  Start the water for your pasta. 

Add the garlic to the oil, saute for about 3 mins.

Add the tomatoes.

Start the grill for your Shrimp or Chicken.  If you are doing chicken make sure that you cut the chicken into bite size pieces for faster cooking.

**Side Note on the the grill, this is a burner size, cast iron grill that I bought on clearance a couple of summers ago.  I love this thing, it is really nice when it too hot to grill outside, or if I just need to grill something small, or in the winter when I am craving a grilled hot dog. **

By this point the tomatoes will start to roast, split and become soft.  I use my potato masher to squeeze them, and get the seeds and juices to mix with the olive oil and garlic.  Add your Italian Seasoning to taste.

Turn down the heat on the tomatoes until the pasta and shrimp are done.

Once you have drained the pasta, while it is still hot, sprinkle on the parmesan cheese, top with the tomatoes, shrimp and garnish with parsley.

Delicious.  Add a salad (more tomatoes) and you have a perfect, light Summer dish.




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