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Christmas In August

Christmas 2019 was a hot mess at our house last year.  We had just moved, we had just lost our 16 year old cat, and I honestly we were in no mood to celebrate.  Sure, we went through the motions, but we did not decorate our house, we didn't even put up a tree (mostly because we didn't like our tree and get rid of it before the move).  We did however manage to put up a snowman in the front yard.

I vowed this year would be different, we would have the happiest Christmas ever.  The plan was to get a new tree, string lights up in the front yard, and bake until I could not bake anymore.  This just wasn't the plan for Christmas, this was going to be every Holiday this year.

Then 2020 laughed.

We are left with no clue as to how the Holidays will be celebrated this year? 

Will there be trick or treating?

Will it be safe to travel in December?

Who knows.

That is why, in a effort to get back to normal alittle bit, I am going to start preparing for the Holidays.  Also, I am still going to go all out.  I might end up with 15 dozen cookies that I have to eat all by myself.  I don't care.

It is time to start making lists (and we will check them twice in October) so here we go.

Christmas Cards
I am going to send out paper Christmas cards this year.  I have the time to write them out, and could we all use some extra cheer this year?  I am going to create a spreadsheet of people to send cards to, and make sure I have addresses.  I am going to pick a date (project deadline) of the the date they need to be mailed.


I have a sinking suspicion that shopping is either going to be easier this year or a 100% harder.  My plan is to order as much as possible on-line.  I feel like it is going to be important to have all the shopping I can wrapped up by Thanksgiving, because I think shipping times are going to explode.


I have already started a Pinterest Board for Christmas.  I am going to be ready.  I have a feeling that I'm going to have alot of time on my hands this fall and I am going to make the most of it.


I know that I need a new Christmas tree, because my plan to buy after Christmas last year was derailed by cold and snow.  Since we all have alittle extra time on our hands these days, it's a good time to go through the Christmas boxes and see what needs to be replaced.  I always feel like Christmas things get shoved in the boxes at the end of the season and could use a good organize.  

What are your expectations for the Holidays this year?

Have you started planning?

Drop me a line below and let me know!



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