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Sneak Peak at October Newsletter

 Happy October!

Below is a sneak peak at our October Newsletter.

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October 2020

It is really hard to believe that is already October.  This crazy year has at times felt like to was moving at warp speed and at other times crawling at a snails pace.

It is hard to believe that the Holidays are right around the corner.  It's time to get ready for the holidays, and ready to celebrate the end of this year and the renewed hope of 2021.  I have decided that this year, we are going all out for the Holidays, every single one of them, from Halloween to New Year's Day.  It is going to be alot of work, but I'm put together some milestones and a massive to-do list to get me there.

Holiday Timeline - October - Important Dates and To-Do's

October 1st - Decorate for Halloween
Finish gift list for Christmas
Finalize Thanksgiving Plans
Finish Christmas Card list and purchase stamps
Early Vote or Mail in Ballot
Go through Christmas wrapping supplies, make sure you have what you need

I haven't done any reviews for you lately, so I wanted to share with you some of these things that are making me happy lately.

1.  MasonTops Glass Water Bottle with Neoprene Cover - I am not good at drinking water, so every now and then a need a new cup to keep it interesting, what I love about this, is keeps the water cold for so long.  I use it at night, so my water is cold and I don't need to get out of bed!

2.  Terre Mere Aloe and Tea Tree Toner - I have noticed that my mask has been making the skin on my chin dry out this toner helps to smooth and soothe my skin and gets rid of the dead skin cells.  Plus it smells really good.

3.  The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown -  this has been very helpful for me personally, it helps you rewire your thinking and helps you reset prioritizes, and in the middle of a pandemic quarantine, that was exactly what I needed to do

4. ThermoPro Instant Read Thermometer   - this was alittle treat for myself. I have been trying to master bread baking and dough for years and this is helping alot, it also works great with meat too

5. Wish for America Charm Bracelet - it's a great conversation starter.  Remember to vote!

I hope that we all have a great October and a very safe and fun Halloween!



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