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What to Watch - Fall Edition

 People it looks like it is going to be a long winter.

They are predicting alot of precipitation (snow) for the Midwest this year.  That means this girl will be in the house.  I have lived in the Midwest my entire life, and I be really honest, not a super fan of the snow.

I am a fan of sitting in a comfy chair, with a hot chocolate, watching it snow.

Earlier in the year, I made a Pandemic Playlist, of shows that I recommended, and I am positive that by now you are looking for something else to watch.


Kim's Convenience -  the story of the Kim family and their convenience store, and customers, and friends.  It is very funny.  The episodes are around 20-22 minutes, so it is perfect to binge, and hard to stop watching.  

Unsolved Mysteries - This is not your Momma's Unsolved Mysteries, all new cases, 2 seasons are available.  I will say I do miss Robert Stack.

The Crown - Now is the time to get caught up.  Season 4 is going to drop on November 15th.  Just a reminder, Diana is coming in Season 4 - get caught up now!


Fargo - It is in it's 4th season, each season is a separate story.  It is great and filled with stars.  

A Wilderness of Error - this is for my true crime fans, it re-examines the Dr. Jeffery MacDonald, you know from the 80's mini-series, Fatal Vision.  There is also a accompanying podcast. 

Cutthroat Kitchen - this is alittle bit older Food Network show, and it is awesome.  Alton Brown is the host and it puts chefs through the best challenges. 

Amazon Prime

All movies this time, or as I like to call it, something to watch on Thursday night.

Guarding Tess - The life of a former first lady and her secret service detail.

St. Elmo's Fire - young Rob Lowe, do you need to know anything else?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - just in time for Thanksgiving.  The classic Steve Martian and John Candy.

Hopefully, this is the last one I will need to put out, but I'm working a Christmas list just in case!

I tweet alot (@cyndic88) about what I am watching, so follow me for more recommendations!

Stay Safe!





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