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Back to the Office

Sorry that I have been alittle missing in action lately.  I am back in the office, and that is requiring me to commute, and time to get ready in the mornings, so it's adding alittle time to my day.  The first couple of weeks were alittle exhausting if I am being honest.  Some of it, is that I started a new job, so training and all of that is taking up my energy.  I think I have finally gotten into a new routine.  

I am lucky, I joined a small company with a huge building, that had just been remodeled, and they prepared for growth.  Some people have there own sections, we are definitively properly social distanced.  Being back in the office is very different.  One has to wonder if this the wave of the future?

Masks are required if in any of the common areas.

Meetings requiring more than 2 people are still happening over zoom.

Many tables have been removed from the lunch room, and there is only one person to a table.  We are encouraged to eat at our desks.

No potlucks, no company lunches, no happy hours.

Nobody really drops by anybody's desk to visit.  

We have a very nice man who walks around a couple of times a day wiping down handles and door knobs.

I know that some people are back to work and some people are not.  I am glad to be back in the office.  I was not terribly disciplined when I was working from home.  Yes, I took a shower every morning, and put on clean yoga pants, and I got my work done.  But, I also drank too much coffee, and ate too many cookies, and sometimes I would walk from my office to my bed at 5:00 and take a nap with the cats.

Now that I am back in the office, I am wearing real pants, drinking more water, getting more steps.  It has been good for the entire household.  I know I am lucky, not kids to worry about online school, just me and Hubs to think about, so I understand it is easier for me to go back.  Right now it is not for everyone and who knows when it will be.

What I really struggle with is after work.  I feel like the months I spent at home where like a time warp.  When we  first started isolating, you could go into a store without a mask.  I would stop a couple of nights a week at the grocery store for something we needed, or at Target or whatever.  Those days are gone.  No more retail therapy after a hard day at work.  Just straight to the car, and then straight home.  This is very good for my wallet.

I would love to know if you are back in the office and if so how it is going?

xo ~Cyn 




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