Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scandal Season 3 Refresher

Ready Gladiators?

Let's Review - Season 3 while we prepare ourselves for Season 4 (Thursday, 9/25 @8:00 CST)

The last episode started with the bombing at the Senator's funeral.  Sally Langston took this as an opportunity to help victims and Fitz took to TV to reassure the nation and but all the TV coverage goes to Sally - who prays on TV and ressures the nation that she will be there to hold there hands.  It gives her the lead in the election.  Fitz is destroyed and Mellie is mad (and alittle drunk)

Poppa Pope was rushed to the hospital, after being stabbed by Momma Pope.    But he lives!

Harrison is having contact with Momma Pope's team.  Poppa Pope wants to know what he knows.  Harrison knows where Momma Pope is getting her money.  She is arrested and Poppa Pope tells Fitz she is dead.   Although she is just in Poppa Pope's hole.

Quinn and Huck are still going at it (literally).   She comes clean to her B316 boyfriend, and then he hands over an envelope to her containing information on Huck's real family.  Quinn takes him to the house and he watches his family from the street.  He later tells Olivia that he thinks that his family is better off thing he is dead.  He does ring the doorbell.

Olivia and Fitz take again about Vermont - how he would be the Mayor and she could make jam.  They talk about babies and Mellie.  Olivia tells Fitz the secret about Big Jerry raping Mellie - which would explain why she was so cold all these years.  Fitz goes to see a very drunk Mellie, who tells him that little Mellie is his son and then they go on to the sweetest moment ever in their marriage in the White House.

Olivia doesn’t go to Fitz's last campaign event.  But they excahnge "I love you's" on the phone after Olivia tells him he needs to stay with Mellie and help her work through the baggage.  Later Fitz and family take the stage - as Momma Pope explains to Olivia about why she did what she did.  Meanwhile, little Jerry starts coughing up blood, collapses and then later dies.  Securing the election for Fitz.

Olivia and Cyrus have a conversation at the hosiptal wondering how they became such Monsters, and could they ever be real people. 

Fitz's learns that the virus that killed little Jerry was stolen from a government facility and that someone murdered him.  Olivia breaks down when she learns her Mother did this. 

Poppa Pope and Fitz talk about how Momma Pope killed little Jerry and Poppa Pope offers to take care of Momma Pope.

All this is too much for Olivia and she asks Poppa Pope for a plane and new life.  Abby calls her out on quitting but she still leaves.  Huck calls Jake (boo) tells him, and he rushes over to Olivia's apartment.  She thinks she is the problem, the center of all the problems.  Jake wants to go with her.  He still wants to go with her even knowing she is in love with another man. 

Poppa Pope becomes the head of B613 again.  Harrison calls out Poppa Pope - put all the pieces together about Poppa Pope being behind little Jerry's death.  Tom (our favorite secret service agent actually killed him ) and Harrisons contact.  We can expect that he also killed Harrison since Columbus Short is not returning to the show.

Mellie picks Fitz's up after his break down although he asks for Olivia and Olivia is on the plane with Jake doesn't answer the call. 

Where is she?  Are Jake and her going to be a couple now?

Guess we will find out!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nashville Season 2 Refresher

Y'all ready for a new Nashville?

As you know it is my FAVORITE tv show (at the moment) and I cannot wait for it tomorrow night.   For you, dear readers, I watched the season 2 season finale again (ok, I have seen it 3 times now) and it just got me more pumped up.

Let's review where we left off.

Rayna and Will are fighting to have the #1 album.  It required lots of dirty tricks on both sides. I guess we will find out in the premier to who wins.

Speaking of Will - he and Layla are filming there reality show.  They don't know it but the producers have a secret camera in the bedroom.  This comes back to bite Will when, after being so upset about how Rayna is going to beat him (and after Gunnar's pep talk) he pulls Layla into the bedroom and confesses to her that he is gay.  Finally.

Scarlett is leaving Nashville to go back to Mississippi to go to school.  Everyone is trying to talk her out of it.

Oh Gunnar, you were all over the place this episode.  First you buy a house.  Next, you and Zoey are telling Avery that Juliette cheating on him with Jeff.  Then you convince Will that he needs to come out of the closet.  Finally, you are signing to Scarlett about how she shouldn't leave Nashville.  Boy, your meddling most make you tired.

Avery is broken by Juliette cheating on him.  They have a heart to heart about how she thought that he would leave her and so she hurt herself before he hurt her.  Classic line of the night goes to Juliette:  "He saw me for who I am.  Trailer trash covered in rhinestones."

On the other side of town, Maddie is upset with Rayna and Deacon because they will not give her a contract with Highway 65 to start her musical career.

Speaking of Rayna she and Juliette have a big heart to heart about how she needs to come clean to Avery about sleeping with Jeff.  Rayna also throws herself a big release party and she and Juliette perform, and then at the end she and Luke perform together.  Then Luke proposes, in front of everyone, including Deacon, Maddie, and Daphne (7 carat ring!).

After the concert, Deacon goes to see Rayna.  He wants to tell her is happy for her and Luke, but he can't.  He confesses that he still loves her, and that he is ready to be the man (and father) that she needs. They kiss and he hands her ring from when he first proposed, and tells her not to answer.  Then walks away.....swoon.....

Predictions for Season 3

Will Jeff sign Maddie to EdgeHill to get back at Rayna and Juliette?  I bet that Teddy would be okay with that.  Alittle get back at Rayna and Deacon.

They are writing in Hayden Panettiere's real-life pregnancy into the show.  Who's is it?  Avery or Jeff's?  While we are talking about Juliette, I think she will get the part of Patsy Cline and will be off 'shooting' her movie while on real-life maternity leave.  I think that she and Avery will get back together.

Do we even care if Will is gay?  Honestly, it is 2014.

Will Scarlett leave?  From what I have read about the new season, it looks like Scarlett will be hanging around in Nashville.

Who will Rayna pick?  My guess....No One.  I think that she will re-kindle her relationship with Deacon, and kick Luke to the curb.

Who do you think Rayna will pick?

Check back later in the week to get ready for Scandal.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Chicago PD and Chicago Refreshers

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Our favorite shows are coming back on with new episodes and we have the chance to find some new shows that we like, and some we will give a chance and they will disappoint us.

I thought that it would be helpful this week if I refreshed our memories on some of my favorite shows that way we can pick right up where we left off.  I'm starting with Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, because they are on early in the week, but I will also be covering Nashville, Scandal, and Resurrection,  I decided to do Chicago PD and Chicago Fire together because there is alot of overlap between them.  Also, they are kinda a couple of guilty pleasures because they are full of easy plots, and beautiful people, and it doesn't hurt that they are both filmed in the best city (that was full of complete bias) ever.

Chicago Fire  (Premieres, Tuesday 9/23 @ 9:00 CST, NBC)

Chief Boden marries Donna in a pretty awesome fire house wedding.  They will become parents this season.

Gabby has passed the Fire Exam and is now a candidate.  She will be assigned to Welch's (played by Kenny Johnson - you will remember him for SOA and Dexter) and there is tension between him and Casey, so that should be a strong story line this year.

Severide is in a bad place, that doesn't look like it will get any easier over the first couple of this season's episodes.  It started with the fire at school, where he missed the body of young boy, who eventually is found and lives.  He buys a motorcycle (too young for a mid-life crisis!) and we know that he is hooking up with Lindsay (Chicago PD).  The rumor is that he goes AWOL in the first episode, which would confirm he survived the explosion.

The final episode ends with the wedding, and during the reception they are called out to a fire.  Casey was in the middle proposing to Gabby when the alarm sounds, she hasn't answered him.  One by one they all go into the building, even Gabby and Shay, before it explodes.  The season ends with Boden screaming for backup and anyone to respond.

Who makes it out of the building?

I think that they all make it out (some injured) expect for the random Chief that was on scene with Boden (also the last one in).

Gabby will say yes to Casey and they will struggle between her assignment and juggling work and romance.

Severide will break up with Lindsay (see below for why I think that) and find a nice girl to settle down with - someone who will get him out of this funk.  Maybe this is the year that he turns Shay.

Chicago PD (Premieres, Wednesday, 9/24 @ 9:00 CST, NBC)

Full disclosure, I did not watch this show last season.

I have however binged watched this summer and I really liked it.  I call it soapy crime.

In the last episode we found out that Lindsay was involved in a killing when she was younger, and help to hide a body.  Does Voight know this?  I'm sure he does, but we haven't seen it.

Internal Affairs was having Jin watch Voight.  The

I want Lindsay to break-up with Severide and get with Halstead because I think that Chicago PD could use some tension.

Burgess and Ruzek finally hooked up at the very end of episode.  How will this effect her ever getting to Intelligence?

All this Internal Affairs stuff is enough.  IA had Jin following Voight.  Jin ends up dead.

Did Voight kill Jin?

So enjoy TV this week.  I live tweet every night, and post recaps and predictions every morning to Facebook, and I would love you to join the conversation.  Please see below for links.



Enjoy!  Check back tomorrow as we prepare for a new season of Nashville!