Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Entertainment: DJ vs Band

How could this not want you to have a Wedding band?
***Disclaimer:  I have never been to a Wedding that had a band.  I know, sad.  I have been to other events with bands and I think they are great.   

But they really do get the party started.

Factors to Consider:

How much room do you have?   
Are there enough outlets?

Your venue coordinator should be able to answer these concerns.  They will be able to tell you how well it works with the space.

While there is not much that is unique about having a DJ, a band will cost about 3 times the price of one.

If you decide on a band...

Make sure you hear them live.  Audition tapes are edited.
Make sure they are willing to learn new material in case you have a special first song.
Ask about a cancellation policy.  What will they do for you if they cannot make it?
Talk to them about "Key People" - say they have a rocking singer, do they guarantee them for your date?

Questions to Ask for either....

Can you make a playlist?  What about a do not play list?
References, and check them.
Cancellation Policy.  If you go with a large DJ company, they probably have a back up.
Lighting?  What lighting do they bring with them, or what do they require?
How many hours do they provide for a standard fee?  Overtime Charges?
Will they be the "Master of Ceremony" - introduce the first dance, etc...
Do they have any equipment requirements they need you to handle?

This will get you started.

Happy Planning!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Favorite Place to Find Event Vendors

Do not let the name fool you.  Wedding Wire is more than Wedding vendors.  Well, they are all Wedding Vendors, but this is a great resource to find local vendors.  It is also a great place to find unique venues.  Brides will also love the forums.

My favorite part is that most of the vendors I have a ball figure for what they charge, and even some breakdown on individual items; for example florist would list the range of what they would charge for a large table arrangement.  This can help in the early days of budgeting.

Happy Planning!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Organized Bride

The best thing that the Bride can be in the months leading up to her Wedding is organized.  Honestly, read all the articles you want but the best advice is to be organized.  Have all your ducks in a row, know who needs to be where when, makes a world of difference.

The best place to start is with a binder.  Now, you can go out and buy one of these expensive binders to help you stay organized, or you can make your own.  I really prefer the make your own method, because you can have all the tabs you want breaking categories down into sub sections for all the balls you will have up in the air.

Get yourself to the office supply store, you will need a binder (in your colors), 3 ten packs of tabs, a 3 hole punch, sheet protectors, and business card holder sheets.  You might also want to go to the craft store to make it pretty.

Suggestion Tabs:

To-Do (I would suggest creating a master list with due date, print out a copy each week)
Planning Timeline
     Dresses and Tuxes
Bridal Party
Ceremony (include venue information)
    Table Decor
Day After (brunch)
Day of Itinerary
Guest List (spreadsheet with an RSVP column, print out a new copy each week)
Hotel (Block and Welcome Bag)
Music (Ceremony/Cocktail Hour)

This is just to get your started.  Add tabs you think you will need as they come up.  In these tabs keep vendor contracts, menus, things you have torn out from magazines.  Everything you think that you might or do need.  Take it everywhere with you, wear it out.

You can do this.

Happy Planning